About Us

Noda Auto company Ltd, is one of the leading pre-owned vehicle sellers located in Chibaken Kashiwa City Japan. The company is established since 2014 and have build the trust of the customers over the years.

We mostly deal with quality Japanese pre owned dump trucks, self- loaders,Unics, cranes, wings and all the other pre owned heavy vehicles at the lowest price. We strive to provide our customers with the best service and our priority is customer’s satisfaction. We allowed our customers to visit us and examine the vehicles.

株式会社野田オートは2014年千葉県柏市に設立した中古車販売店です。 長年にわたり顧客様との信頼を築いてまいりました。


お客様の満足を1番に最高なサービス提供を心がけております。 大型車両をお探しのお客様はぜひお気軽に当社へご来店ください。 お待ちしております。